Kaci The Model

Singer, Rapper, Actress // #Issue: 001


This multi-talented 8 year old sensation from Detroit, Michigan, United States “Kaci The Model” has been ripping the runway with her modelling and catwalk skills since she was 4 years old. Shortly after crossing over to the hip-hop scene, Kaci released her first single “Bubble Gum” captivating the attention of children, teens and young adults.

Three months later Kaci released her single “Watch My Feet” which has a hip-hop/trap soundtrack and has kids and adults, creating their own “Watch My Feet” Challenge on their social media channels such as Instagram, Tik-Tok and Dubsmash

Her latest single “Litty” released in 2020 is sure to live up to its name and get the crowd LIT during her live performances! Kaci’s music along with her catchy lyrics match her stylish lifestyle.

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Cute ☺️


I will order a copy xx


hi kaci i really want to meet you


Ain’t she adorable, bless her xx


Such a cute artist ☺️

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